Wedding Register FAQs

How much does it cost to be in the magazine?

We run an early bird special for each issue that ends a few months before the final deadline for registers. If you take advantage of this early bird period, a one-page register is $275 and a two-page register is $375. After the early bird deadline, the cost of the registers increases slightly, with a one-page price of $325 and a two-page price of $425. 

When can I submit my wedding?

Recently, we’ve given some thought to how we can best help our couples and the wedding industry in West Virginia. We used to dedicate one issue each year to weddings held in the spring and summer and a second issue to weddings held in the fall and winter. We’ve decided to take those seasonal parameters away so that newly married couples won’t have to wait so long to see their weddings in the magazine and so that engaged couples can draw wedding inspiration from all seasons. Now, our submission guidelines set a single, easy-to-understand deadline by which all materials must be submitted. You can see the deadlines at

What are the layout options?

WV Weddings offers two layout options: a one-page and a two-page. Both include a 250- to 300-word write-up about the wedding and a list of vendors. The big difference between the two is the number of photos we use. One-page registers use four pictures in the layout, while two-page registers consist of eight. 

I’m a West Virginian, but I got married out of state. Can I still be in the magazine?

Yes. The magazine is a great way to let friends and family know about your marriage.

I do not live in West Virginia, but I got married in West Virginia. Can my wedding be included in the magazine?

Yes. We accept weddings from couples who are not from West Virginia but who chose the state as the destination for their big day.

I’m not a West Virginian, and I did not get married in the state. Can I submit my wedding?

No. All weddings included in WV Weddings have some connection to the state—either the bride or the groom lives or has lived in the state, or the wedding took place within the state’s borders.

My photographer is not from West Virginia. Can I still submit my wedding?

Absolutely. We welcome any and all photographers and wedding vendors regardless of business location.

I’m a wedding vendor. Can I submit and pay for a wedding register on behalf of a client?

Yes. If you have the permission of a client to submit the wedding, please do so. The bride or groom still needs to fill out the form so that we have the correct information.

I’m a photographer. May I submit and pay for a wedding register on behalf of a client?

Yes. We encourage our photographers to include the submission to WV Weddings in their packages. Couples love the extra benefit of seeing their wedding showcased in the magazine.

What materials do I need to submit?

Once you have purchased your register on the “Submit My Wedding” web page, you will be directed to a Google Form. This is a long form that covers every detail of your wedding. It must be filled out in one sitting so, if you aren’t ready to finish the form when you purchase your register, copy the link so that you can return to it later. Please fill the form out completely. It is from these details that we write your register and determine which weddings will be written up as feature stories in the magazine. 

Please read and follow all directions regarding the submission of photos. We initially want you to choose 12 photos, a mixture of horizontal and vertical shots, and send those to us. If we need more, we will ask for them. The form has a place for you to add a link to your entire photo gallery from your photographer along with the passcode or any other information necessary for us to look at additional images. NOTE: We must receive at least one horizontal image of the couple or wedding party for the main image for a two-page register. 

Can I send payment first and materials later?

Yes. In fact, all registers must be purchased first in order to get the instructions necessary to provide your information and photos. 

Can I write my own wedding register?

Yes. We give each couple the option of writing their own register or having the WV Weddings staff write it for them. If you plan to write your own, the register should be no more than 300 words, and you must provide a list of vendors that will accompany the register. WV Weddings reserves the right to edit registers for style and length. 

How can I find the word count of my write-up, and what if it’s too long?

Depending on the software program in which you write your wedding register, there should be a tool that allows you to count the number of words. In Google Drive, highlight the register write-up without including the vendor list, then use the Tools function and select Word Count. You will see the total word count of the document in the pop-up window. If you’re using Microsoft Word to draft your write up, highlight your write-up, select the Tools menu, then select Word Count below. Your total word count will display on the pop-up. 

What is a high-resolution photo?

Low-resolution images have around 72 pixels, or squares of color, per inch (PPI). If file size of your image is 70k or 200k, it is low res. 

High-resolution images have at least 300 pixels per inch. High-resolution files are measured in megabytes (MB), and 1mb through 10mb is ideal. This resolution makes for crisp print quality on glossy paper, and our printer requires high-resolution images. 

Please note: Just because it looks good on your computer screen doesn’t mean it’s high enough resolution for print. We require, at minimum, a 240 or 300 PPI or dpi file size for a 5×7 image. Requirements may be larger if the image will be used on a full page.  

Will I see a proof of my page before it prints?

Once we write and design all registers, we will send a proof of your register as a PDF file to the email address you provide in your form. You will have an opportunity to send us one round of edits to the page before a deadline we specify. It’s important that you provide an email address that you will check regularly. If we don’t hear back from a couple about a proof, the register will run in the magazine as-is. 

Will the couple get a copy of the issue?

Every couple that purchases a register will receive two complimentary copies of the magazine mailed to them when the issue is printed. Additional copies may be purchased in advance and shipped to you or be made available to you to pick up at our office.

Will the photographer receive a copy of the issue?

WV Weddings will send one complimentary copy of the magazine to the event photographer listed in a couple’s register form.  

I notice that, in the magazine, some weddings are given larger features in addition to the write-up in the Wedding Register section. Could my wedding be one of those?

Yes! Our editors review every register submitted for each issue in order to select weddings that will also become larger features in the magazine. If your wedding is chosen, you will still get the one- or two-page wedding register you purchased, and WV Weddings staff will contact you for more information and photos. 

What do you look for when selecting features?

Our editors look for unique and inspirational ideas, great photography, and beautiful venues. We love couples who personalize their weddings with special details. WV Weddings is the ultimate resource guide for couples planning their weddings, and we keep that in mind when selecting weddings for large features.

How do photos for the cover get chosen? 

An editorial board chooses the cover of each magazine from the submitted photos in the wedding registers. The cover cannot be purchased, and each issue’s cover is a closely held secret that is not revealed to anyone until the magazine hits newsstands. 

What do you look for when choosing a cover?

Great photography is key! However, sometimes the best photograph is not necessarily the best cover. Keep in mind that we have a nameplate and words that are located on the cover, and the photo needs to provide space for that. Also, our cover is a vertical image. Closely cropped images typically do not work.

If I have more questions, is there someone I can talk with?

If you have questions about anything not covered here, feel free to email

I was featured in the magazine. Can I get a standalone copy of the article?

It is not New South Media’s policy to distribute PDFs of individual articles. Please call 304.413.0104 to order issues in bulk or to discuss other options.

How do I send a letter to the editor?

Letters to the editor may be mailed to 1135 Main Street, #279, Granville WV 26534, or emailed to We welcome your feedback.